DUNIA 80007 <br> Lace up sandals DUNIA 80007 <br> Lace up sandals

Alberto Fasciani

DUNIA 80007
Lace up sandals

€ 369
DUNIA 80010 <br> Geometric sandals DUNIA 80010 <br> Geometric sandals

Alberto Fasciani

DUNIA 80010
Geometric sandals

€ 299
DUNIA 80027 <br> Black slippers DUNIA 80027 <br> Black slippers

Alberto Fasciani

DUNIA 80027
Black slippers

€ 320
DUNIA 80017 <br> Black sandals DUNIA 80017 <br> Black sandals

Alberto Fasciani

DUNIA 80017
Black sandals

€ 325

" Whoever wears my footwear must feel as if it belongs to him from the very first time, as if he spent his whole life with it. "

Alberto Fasciani


THE WAIT IS OVER. Green Soul Collection by Alberto Fasciani. Keywords for this revolutionary collection are: Animal-freeWaterproofDurable. The results of years of research and experience that allowed Alberto Fasciani to create precious products, never seen before in the equestrian market. An elegant design combined with comfort and durability.


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