Paris is the next destination of our journey through the world capitals accompanied, as always, by the unique and precious style of the Alberto Fasciani’s footwear.

The French capital is a city which has a very good feeling with Alberto Fasciani; it is a continual source of inspiration thanks to the innate elegance that characterizes the grand boulevards, the facades of the palaces, the most particular and romantic “endroit” of St. Germain.

It is a city rich of luxury and ferment, of innovation and tradition that can be well matched with the Alberto Fasciani style which is in a continual research of new manufacturing, new essential and eternal lines, combined with the unmistakable artisanal and traditional feature giving to the products a unique and long-lasting style.

Paris is also the capital of fashion, of refined taste and of stylists that have drawn inspiration and energy from this city becoming icons of style and luxury all over the world such us Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton or Hermes.

The connection of Alberto Fasciani with this city is strong and it is a connection characterized also by the presence of the company’s show-rooms during the Paris Fashion Weeks.

But the French participation of the Alberto Fasciani brand is not only a prerogative of big events: the exclusive products of the elegant Italian label may be found at Garrice, one of the most famous footwear shops of the French capital, situated in Rue de Rivoli, in the center of Paris most luxury area. This is how Garrice emphasizes the Alberto Fasciani products:”Alberto Fasciani offers collections which inextricably link the Italian artisanal tradition to the great aristocratic sensibility”

If you will be near the gardens of the Avenue des Champs-Elysées or if you are having a walk through Avenue George V and Avenue Montaigne you can have a stop nearby, at Rue de Grenelle 22, where there is the KNS – MOSS luxury boutique in which you can buy our products.

Otherwise if you are a few miles outside of Paris, in the quiet zone of Saint Cloud on the West side of Bois de Boulougne Park, you will find Ods Apreski. Situated in the famous area of Longchamp racecourse and of the Paris Country Club, it is another shop where you can find both our riding products and our casual products.

There are many things to visit and to enjoy in Paris. We want to suggest some Parisian gardens where you can have a walk wearing a pair of our Alberto Fasciani and where you can breathe the aristocratic and Bohemian air of the French capital.

Luxembourg garden: inaugurated in 1612 by Marie de’ Medici is one of the biggest gardens of Paris and it is famous for being extremely romantic with its Medici Fountain composed of a long basin of water flanked by plane trees.

Tuileries garden: it is the garden of the Louvre Palace. It is the oldest and the most large garden of the city with an extension that goes from the Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde. This park is well frequented because of its central position which connects the most tourist places of Paris.

Champ de Mars garden: this enormous park requested by Napoleon XV for military purposes is today popular among Parisians and tourists that want to relax themselves under the pale Parisian sun while admiring the Eiffel Tower.

Des Rosiers garden: it is an authentic discovery in the heart of Paris. In the district of Marais you can find this large park of over 2000m2 with children’s playground and plants of all species. This park has been created by the union of different private gardens but most of the tourists don’t know it. Its entrance is not marked and from the outside you can see nothing; it is the secret garden of Paris!

See you soon with Let’s have a walk in…