After the great success of the collaboration with the Fonte della Tessitura, the Campotosto Project by Alberto Fasciani continues with another excellence in the beautiful territory of Abruzzo: the Locanda Mausonium.

The structure, relatively recent, completed in 2011 and operational since 2013, has resisted impeccably to the various earthquakes in the area, therefore holds a high level of security, “  important  details if not essential for those who want to stay in peace, as it also has of rooms, comfort that at the moment, unfortunately, Campotosto is lacking, for obvious reasons.

A view of the Campotosto Lake

We are in the heart of the Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga National Park, where the mountains, the lake and the exceptional naturalistic heritage of the places offer unique shows in every season.

The inn was born in Mascioni, a small fraction of Campotosto, where once stood the grandparents’ house, elementary teachers of the small town.

 A sight of Mausonium Guest House

A place of sweet memories that today revives and welcomes its guests with the typical and recognized Abruzzo hospitality: Mr. Mino and his very kind staff are animated by the desire to make known and appreciate visitors the quality and culture of this wonderful land.

Mr Alberto Fasciani with Domenico Carissimi, Mausonium’s owner

The goal is to offer a complete and pleasant experience, guaranteeing quality service at the right price, to make guests feel at home.

The restaurant offers its guests the typical recipes of regional and Italian cuisine, prepared with typical and seasonal products and always offers new recipes, with an intense and tasty flavor: traditional hors d’oeuvres, gricia (white amatriciana), saffron zucchini and bacon, Mausonium pasta ( ricotta, sausage and truffle (highly recommended by Mr. Fasciani!); second courses with meat chosen from local farms such as grilled mixed, lamb to the scottadito, cooking sheep, roasters, cakes and pies of the house.

Traditional dishes of Mausonium Guest House

When available, they also prepare delicious recipes with lake fish: pasta dishes with perch, pike and whitefish; second courses with coregone truffle and porcini mushrooms, pike in green and red sauce, or even in the oven.

“The rich flavors and the genuine ingredients of our land are prepared with love and a pinch of imagination, with traditional and strictly local products!”

It is a pleasure to watch Mr. Mino while organizing his guests’ day.

The inn in fact is equipped with modern rooms, all with wifi, but quiet at the same time, to offer a comfortable and far from stress.

View of the Campotosto lake from a Mausonium Guest House room.

Hospitality begins in the morning, with a hearty breakfast that awakens the good mood, passing through the excursions in the Park with expert guides and guided tours, to discover the wonderful nature that characterizes the surrounding area.

Then return to the Locanda, rightly hungry, ready for the succulent lunch, then back to the lake to relax, to dinner and deserved rest in the comfort of the rooms, immersed in the pleasant silence of nature.

“Credits priceless for our commitment and for the love lavished in our business, are the smiles of our customers, who feel at home and promise to return!” – Continues the tireless and thoughtful Mr. Mino – “And they do not have to not even worry about their four-legged friends, because the Locanda Mausonium is a Pet Friendly facility, so they too are welcome! ”

Organized horse-riding excursions and discovery of the Abruzzo landscape

Further confirmation of the high quality of the structure is found in the two Tripadvisor pages: the one dedicated to the restaurant has 4 stars, giving a deserved first place among the restaurants of Campotosto, while the one dedicated to living in the rooms, has an average of 4, 5 stars.

On Booking, with 100% verified reviews by customers who have stayed for vacation, counts a very high score of 9.4!

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