The italian footwear entrepreneur Alberto Fasciani has been very close and particularly linked to the territory of Campotosto, its people and its natural wonders since a long time.

For this reason after the violent earthquake that struck the area last year, he decided to set his SS 2018 Collection campaign on the Lake of Campotosto and to undertake an interesting collaboration there.

The aim of this project is to convey the reality of this magical land but at the same time wounded by an unprecedented disastrous event, through the company’s communication channels.

The goal of Alberto Fasciani is to make known and promote this magnificent territory and its realities, giving to the Campotosto’s Companies the opportunity to introduce themselves and to tell a wider audience through its social channels, printed paper and tv, both nationally and internationally.

We thank the local companies that have joined and cooperated in this project, created to give practical help to Alberto’s “dear friends”, so strongly stroke by the catastrophic event.

In the coming days and weeks we invite you to follow us on our social channels, hoping that our work will be able to help, as far as possible, the economic recovery of the territory, in terms of visibility, curiosity, touristic attraction.

This project was planned, designed, developed and financed exclusively by Alberto Fasciani, only for the great love that has been binding him to Campotosto and to the courageous Campotostari for over 35 years!

Greetings from all the team involved in the project.