“Each shoe’s got a certain way of walking; each way of walking’s got a different conception of the world.”*


Alberto Fasciani’s Icons Collection represents the core of Alberto Fasciani production.

Taste, heritage, timeless elegance, care for details. These elements have been transfered by Alberto Fasciani to his footwears. They are manufactured using high quality leather and then they undergo several manufacturings such as garment dyeing, polishing, antiquing. This process is entirely made in AF labs in Fermo, a small town situated in the heart of the Marche region.

Now it is clear why these footwears are considered icons of Made in Italy all around the world.

Alberto Fasciani production includes two types of Beatles ankle boots: model 628 for men and 510 for women.

What do we mean by Beatles ankle boots?

Beatles or Chelsea ankle boots are characterized by elastic bands on both of their sides.

They become famous in the 60s thanks to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones who used to wear these ankle boots, making them popular all over the world.

In the 60′s the ordinary outfit for a youngster was characterized by peacot jackets, tight jeans, tailor-made clothes, fashionable shoes.


Beatles ankle boots were really popular, they represented an icon of style in that period of cultural excitement and revolution.

The roots of these ankle boots dated back to the Victorian age. It was 1837 when the invention of vulcanized rubber enabled the creators to produce boots with elastic bands on the sides so that they could be put on and taken off effortlessly.

Beatles ankle boots spread around soon and became fashionable products from the late 1840s until the outbreak of World War I in 1914.

They were brought back by Rock’n’Roll bands, and from that time on the Beatles ankle boots have been a lifestyle icon for men and women.

Alberto Fasciani took inspiration from these ankle boots to realize his creations but he enriched them with his refined taste and sense of beauty.