It would be cliche to say that shoes does not make the man but what every men should know is that the right pair could leave a very good impression.

For every occasion, for every style there is the right type and we would like to present you a fast guide to the most classic models,

their names, variations and how you can use to sharp your look.

The Oxford Balmoral

The most classic standard of the male’s shoe closet.

Timeless, Formal and Beautiful.

Its main characteristics are the round toe closed by the cap toe that makes a limit between the shoe and the rest of it. The laces are closed and the aspect of it is a neat, sharp shoe with a clean design. Its formal concept makes it right for a business wear, formal occasions like memorials and even black tie.

When its added a thicker sole, decorations and cuts they become less formal but still very elegant and stylish and the name Brogue is added.


Brogues are added definition to other classic shoes. They could be Oxford Brogue or Blucher Brogue. Brogued shoes are perfect for tweed jackets and wool pants. They are more versatile on colours and decoration styles and that adds an extra character to the shoe making giving it a very strong personality.

The Blucher / The Derby

Another type off less formal shoes, The classic Blucher or Derby are neat and without frills. Its most noticeable characteristic is the opened-lace that gives it a very soft wearing. With treated and coloured leather it gets a more casual look, in more serious colours and classic shiny leather it can be a beautiful ceremony shoe.

The Monk Strap

Their concept without laces makes them by definition more informal. But are very suitable for casual business meetings or less formal occasions. Right with all types of fabric, it is particularly advised with narrows pants for a very slender effect.

 Loafer o Mocassini

Easy to wear, without laces, comfortable and elegant. Even if its a casual shoe its can also be worn in casual business occasions and gives the casual trendy look. Its design changed little in the last 80 years and style icons like JFK and Michael Jackson have made them unforgettable. Leave an impression yourself too.

So this was a fast guide to the classic shoes every man should have.

The materials, the colours, the variations, it would all depend on your style.

In any case, Alberto Fasciani will make every pair a piece of artigianal luxury.

What are your favourites?

Which is more suitable for your lifestyle?

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