After the mini-guide on men classic shoes its time to present the footwear the season.When the winter arrives and the change of season calls for a more cosy, comfortable and yet contemporary style, men should always consider some pair of boots in their closet.Boots have always been present in the masculine look. Born with the need of a durable yet comfortable footwear, the witty men did not forget it uses, even when in the Victorian era shoes were introduced and suddenly become fashion. The boots are a come back to the male shoe origins. Its stylish, it can give you a vintage look or even dress you up for a big even.


This is our suggestions of what types of boots should match your need and personality.


The classic boot that goes up to near the knee are still a dilemma in the male wardrobe.It is not formal enough to wear them with ceremony clothes but they are definitely a must for a hobby getaway trip or a cowboy chic casual look.

The  Fasciani Knee Boots becomes a classic example of how to look good in high boots and enjoy your weekend.



This is the definition for a more formal boots. Usually a Chelsea Boot or a an Oxford boot but models can vary.

The fundamental thing of a formal boot is that it must be serious enough to work with a suit or a more important look.

The pants should always cover the ankle completely and you should never wear them inside the boots unless you are in the entertainment industry.


These are the most preferred style of male fashion boots that have sourced enough popularity without a break since 19th Century. These particular types of boots for the men folk reach up to the lower calf region. The classic leather style can lift a casual mood and materials that are washed and tinted can give it a more sporty yet elaborate figure.


A nice story to tell about this type of shoes s the one of the legendary Beatles. The quartet had a shop in London modify the classic Chelsea Boots for they band, creating the Chelsea Beatles Boots.And didn’t they look great?


What about you? Do you use boots? What model fits your style?

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