Confortable, stylish, chic and vary.

Which woman in the world is not crazy about the most democratic footwear of all?

Boots can be worn with all kinds of looks and by all types of bodies and any personality can find its match.

Alberto Fasciani as an expert can give you some advice for your boots this season based on the contemporary life of world’s most iconic cities.


Long Boots for London.

The tradition of horse boots and the English timeless search for beauty. Today, in London lives people from all over the world and it’s a metropolis of many colours as one can find. The city needs comfortable but fashionable shoes that can make a woman good looking for any occasion.

The below the knee length is a must on every woman closet and, of course, you will want it with the maximum quality. The Alberto Fasciani craftsmanship will make you fall in love with this absolute classic as articles are finally hand made in Italy with great material.

This type of boot is suitable for every type of body so use it without worries.

The tip is the wear them with the skirt or dress that is a bit over the knees. You can also match them with leggings or skinny jeans putting the pants inside. Equitation models will look exquisite in a urban-chic styling.


New York is the big apple but the boots are shorter here.

Stylish and never stopping. The capital of the world is always looking for the novelty behind every corner. Lovers of the new, match the lower boots with the Manhattan lifestyle and you will never miss a step.

This type of boot style is a more contemporary and casual one.  It should be used carefully by short-legged as it tends to break the silhouette.

The more classic way to use it is under the pants but for a bohemian chic look you can mix the cowboy style  with vintage skirts and floral dresses. Free your mind and create your own style.


Style and Grace. That’s the light of Paris and that’s why it triumphs in the soul of the ankle boots.

A Very democratic shoe style that is suitable for all.

The lenght of this type of boot is on the ankle line or a little bit above. Its a hybrid between shoes and boots as they are lower then the other types. It makes every woman looks powerful and full of energy no matter what kind of body. Alberto Fasciani have many styles are innumerous and the models are fantastic. Try it with a long pants on the same colour of the shoes for a very long silhouette look.

Each City have its personality and its show have its soul.

And you can use them to express the way you are.

Alberto Fasciani puts all his passions to make them entirely by hand in Italy.

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