Hilary, the new Women’s Spring / Summer 2012 Collection by Alberto Fasciani, takes us to the world of sports racers of the early sixty.

Clean lines in colors like powder, talc, sand and gray.

No jewel-like-accesorie but details in hand-dyed leather, the taste of ranch life in Santa Fe, where the day is marked by horse hiding in the Appaloosa and the night with a pair of flats in pastel colors enjoying the sunset and drinking Margaritas.

The thorough washing of the materials gives a delicate touch to colors especially the new pastel peach.

The women’s collection was expanded with the concept of the heel, characterized by more attractive and feminine elements.

The research, which has always been within the creativity of Alberto Fasciani, has led to the creation of new decoltè with clean lines but still sharp and sensual at the same time and represents surely a tribute to the woman who wears Fasciani.

The color also marks the mood for the channel shoe, with laminated python with shades of silver steel.

The ankle boots, with the bright colors of red strawberry and intense orange, made with nubuck materials entirely handcrafted, designed for the soft racer woman.

For her, also a new clothing line, where the handcraft gets mixed with technology of the brand’s bikes.

Pink and steel: the combination of modern femininity, where know-how blends, seamlessly, to the creative genius.

There are things that connect people to their emotions and today to dress oneself is a collage of these emotions.

This is the philosophy Men’s Spring / Summer 2012collection by Alberto Fasciani: linking the products, their shoes to a way of being.

Heritage, Vintage are just words to describe inanimate objects.

It is the passion to live them, to have them already recognized as your that makes them unique.

The art of assembling washed leathers and handcrafted soles, deer reverse chamois, hand waxed thread, gives the collection the attributes of an artwork.

A common theme expressed by the Ossey Clark colours, the floral nuances of the mid-70s, soft construction and shades of amber.

A quote (or would it be a reference?) To the new rider, very Hot Road, to match the new bike.

It reminds us of certain knights of steel that ruled with their boots …

A coast to coast trip in the discovery of ourselves.