This is not an ordinary day. This is the day in which everything has to be just impeccable, flawless.

Elegance must accompany the groom and bride feelings to the altar. Details are prominent not only for the bride but also for the groom. Being stylish means take care of your own look, starting from the shoes.

Lines, colors, comfort, these are the key words that will guide you to the choice of your shoes.

Alberto Fasciani has paid attention to his customer needs ever since he set up his company. He would like to suggest then an article which meets all the groom needs: Nicky 32013.

These shoes are characterized by their unique, timeless style which gives elegance and personality to whom is wearing them. Nicky 32013 is a “Derby” laced-up model, handmade polished and entirely manufactured using calf leather.

This article is now available on our online e-shop.

Who lives or is traveling around Italy can try out an exclusive purchase experience. In our Boutique situated in Bologna, San Vitale street No. 42 you can also ask for the “tailor made” service, getting a personalised, unique footwear with an incomparable comfort.

In this very special day also your shoes will remind everyone that “details make perfection and perfection is not a detail”.