Maxi event in the Marche region: the topic will focus not just on food, but it will also open the door to our outstanding regional excellences.

Following the meeting with the national press at the BTI (International Stock Exchange of Tourism) in Milan, Alberto Fasciani is getting ready to play a leading role at “Tipicità”, the 3-days event run in Fermo – that is the stylist’s birthplace and where its factory and headquarter are set. The factory is well-known for producing luxurious fashion shoes – both for men and women – and the finest riding boots, strictly Made in Italy… Made in Fermo!

The Fermo territory goes beyond the traditional and excellent food, fine wines, heritage of craftsmanship and evocative landscapes. It is a land of infinite beauty that stretches from the Apennine mountains to the Adriatic sea, by way of green and gentle hills. And luckily, it has also given rise to excellent icons of high entrepreneurship and craftsmanship that are an added value to the territory itself.

Mr. Alberto Fasciani feels very closely connected with the local traditions and he strongly defends the Made in Italy because “such an expression of creativity and taste cannot be found anywhere else. This is what distinguishes us from any other market and it needs to be preserved and protected.”

To those asking why he decided to take part in the “Tipicità” event he says: “The fashion world is very challenging but I strongly believe that we cannot lose sight of specific values. I think it is very important to join projects and achieve goals that go beyond our own industry because joining forces, knowledge and talents is the only way I know to get to social, personal and economic growth. Being an entrepreneur is also this: staying ready for the making and the constant evolutions happening around you!”

We would like to remember Mr. Fasciani’s help to Campotosto, a small but beautiful place in the national park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga in the Abruzzo region, that was destroyed by an earthquake and where Mr. Fasciani has a safe house for about 40 years.

The aim of the Campotosto project was to give more visibility to the local businesses that are not giving up despite their huge difficulties since the earthquake. This is the reason why Alberto Fasciani set its Spring/Summer shooting in the Campotosto’s lake. This campaign led to a strong collaboration with a local weaver who produced a footwear capsule with the well-known Campotosto’s linen and cotton. This new collaboration was also celebrated on social media to let people know about their daily struggles, but also their qualities and beauties.

In this respect, we are taking this opportunity to tell everyone that a very popular dairy farm from Campotosto – la Mascionara – will join the “Tipicità” event in Fermo.

Therefore, you can come and meet Mr. Fasciani at “Tipicità” so to have a chance to get to know more about his most recent creations. There will also be a video to explore the different stages of the production in his factory. He will be glad to give you all a warm welcome and make you a bit more aware of his entrepreneurial thinking…. that is multifaceted, passionate and different!