After an important and demanding start of the year, marked by the success of the presentation of the new FW 2019/20 Collection at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Alberto Fasciani returns with his heart to Campotosto, where in these days there is a magnificent white blanket. If it’s beautiful in summer, it’s magical, surreal in winter!


On the other hand, there is the downside: the beauty of the snow on the mountains and the lake on one side and the obvious difficulties of the remaining population, on the other, that lives and survives with tenacity and passion, hoping that this deafening silence is broken as soon as possible by concrete projects and by the noise of the machines that will mark the beginning of the coveted reconstruction …


In this new page dedicated to the excellence of manufacturing and craftsmanship of Campotosto, we speak of an important and well-known national and international reality, La Mascionara.

In the early 70s, in a small town of the Campotosto plateau, Mascioni, a farm Agricola Casearia was born, which does not only inherit its name, La Mascionara, but also the genuineness of the flavours and aromas typical of that territory.

The micro climate is in fact unique and the pastures, rich in dandelion, thyme and chives guarantee, immediately, an exceptional quality of the products, starting from the first link in the supply chain.

There are two fundamental principles on which it is based from the beginning and allows this company, together with the passion and dedication of the founders, to become the reference point for the production of local products of excellence, appreciated all over the world: the animal welfare and respect for tradition.

These principles are rooted in the history and culture of the campotostaro territory and “are married” by the D’Alessio brothers, who have been succeeding for generations, for 40 years, in command of the company.

The main objective of Mascionara is to offer genuine products, with characteristics of perfume and excellent flavors.

That’s why among the company’s guidelines is the Animal Welfare, which translates into the freedom of movement they enjoy, in the large open spaces they are destined for, together with a precise feeding program with natural products.

Their pastures “furnish and dialogue”, making the side of the breathtaking scenery created by Lake Campotosto, from which they receive in return a nature capable of giving life to the best mountain pastures in the central south.

On these embankments, animals graze and thrive, the source of the excellences produced.

Respecting the traditions has allowed F.lli D’Alessio to rediscover and appreciate products that are part of the food and wine tradition of Abruzzo, such as raw sheep’s milk cheeses and cured meats of native pigs.

Making a “journey” in the life of the Mascionara, opens a world on the typical products of this wonderful territory in the Monti della Laga and Mr. D’Alessio is a typical example of passion and dedication to his work and to his territory, as well high entrepreneurial skills

When someone asks him how he can produce such a variety and quantity of products, to market them in such a careful and capillary way, he simply replies – The desire to experiment is the result of passion and love for my work, which I share with one staff of efficient and hardworking collaborators- “.

There are numerous prizes and awards both nationally and internationally, on the occasion of very important events on food, always classifying among the first places.

An example of typical goodness is the Mortadella di Campotosto, commonly known as “Mule’s coglioni” for its characteristic shape, which received the 2014 Abruzzese Quality Award, as well as awards in the Italian salami championship.

Also very famous is the particular Cacio Fiore Aquilano, cheese with thistle rennet, which has received national and international recognition.

The “Gusto Italia 2018″ award was recently received at the council chamber of the municipality of Pescara, at the conclusion of a challenging and particularly profitable year.

We also give special emphasis to the Gran Vaccata, a cheese that “seems parmiggiàne”!

It’s a cow’s milk cheese that tastes like hazelnuts and butter and crunches under your teeth, as well as having a spicy and persistent taste!

Here, the classic conception of taste is overcome: the sensory profile is refined, adding the smells and flavours that only the grasses of those meadows can give.

- Milk – says Mr. Rinaldo – “is produced by cows that share meadows with wolves that run away if they get too close to the calves! They eat when they want and what mother nature makes available to them! “

“- I put a maniacal attention to the quality of my products, with a constant and certified control and improvement of milk and meat, both on the nutritional and organoleptic level – the eyes of Mr. Rinaldo shine – When you buy a product of Mascionara, you purchase not only an asset of great quality, but you must also add to it the value of the environment in which it was born, a unique scenario! Our meats and cheeses are the fruits of this magical ecosystem that has no equal in Abruzzo “-.

Oh yes, the healthy and excellent products of this beautiful and hard-working company tell about fatigue, ingenuity and commitment, stories of men, animals and nature that are intertwined in a magical dance, giving rise to something to taste with all our senses: the smell of the pastures, the taste of herbs, the spectacular view of the free animals in their natural habitat, the sound of the wind in the woods and the touch of the fragrance, all in perfect balance.